Five years in L.A.and I finally made it to a @Dodgers game! #itfdb #thinkblue

Happy birthday to my mom! If you live in NOVA, you should stop by Iceberry in Reston Town Center and wish her a happy birthday!

Drift spares #projectg #mazda #miata #ampm #bunchow #kennychieuracing

Many of you knew my pet goldfish Golden Eye from when I was in college. This is not him. When Golden Eye passed away, I got this fish to replace him. Today, he passed away. He lived more than six years, but quickly outgrew all the tanks he was put in and outlived all his friends. He was quite the loner, eating any smaller fish that got placed in with him. Many people don’t know goldfish can live this long, or longer, and can get this big, or even bigger. Like all living things, they need clean water, food, and room to grow. Please don’t put your pet fish in small bowls and with no means of filtration. Thanks to my brother and sister for watching him while I’ve been living in LA. RIP Harvey Dent/Black Eye/Two-Face

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Working late at the office isn’t always a bad thing #dtla

Walking down the aisle with @brianlinga Photo credit: @kennychieu #6GDZQ #corgi #wedding

Thanks for the memories #6GDZQ #brackrist

Cinnamon churros with spiced chocolate fondue, vanilla bean flan, and horchata #6GDZQ