Got my first monthly @urthbox full of yummy healthy snacks! Thanks Joanne! Best SIL ever!

Got my first cycling jersey and shorts, thanks to @hourouheki and @bianchi_official! Image flipped for your viewing pleasure #ridewithkinod #bianchi

Oh right, I went to Anime Expo over the weekend. #ax2014 #primarycolors #speedracer #sailormoon


Birthday banana walnut pancake brunch #itsmypartyicancryifiwantto

#tbt to last week when @ellegance and I took the long way up to behind the Hollywood sign #throwbackthursday

Welcome to Pawnee. #ridewithkinod

I just realized I’ve been missing out on so many internet points by not having my Instagram and Tumblr linked!

Can I haz internet fame?